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atf good old boy round up

Good O' Boy Roundup Report Executive Summary
. in southeastern Tennessee known as the "Good O' Boy Roundup" (Roundup). . several current black ATF agents made allegations that the Roundup was a .

Racist ways die hard at the ATF
Racist ways die hard at Lawmen's retreat. Annual 'Good O' Boys Roundup' cited as evidence of 'Klan Attitude' at ATF. From THE WASHINGTON TIMES July 11, .

Boys Roundup.
Forwarded message: Subj: Good Ol' Boys latest info - IMPORTANT Date: 96-06- 23 . criminal acts surrounding the ATF sponsored Good Ol' Boys Roundup.

Good Ol' Boys Roundup - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Good Ol' Boys Roundup was an annual whites only event run by agents of the . According to ATF director John Magaw, the event had no overtly racist .

Eugene Rightmyer | 'Roundup' Planner Insulted Blacks, 2 ATF ...
Jul 22, 1995 . However, two other ATF agents--one black and one white--defended Rightmyer's conduct at this year's "Good Ol' Boys Roundup." The two men .

Fire on the Cross - Freedom Magazine Published by the Church of ...
The “Good Ole Boys Roundup” was in fact a creation of ATF agents, launched in 1980, with up to 500 “Good Ole Boys” attending in certain years. For the 1992 .

revolution: atf racist camp
In July 1995, militia members gathered evidence of an annual "police officers' gathering" billed as the "Good O' Boys Roundup" in Ocoee, Tennessee. The event .

Pro Libertate: Perverts With Power, Revisited
Feb 28, 2007 . Magaw also successfully dissipated public and congressional outrage over the 1995 revelations of the ATF's annual “Good Old Boys Roundup .

The truth the media is forbidden to tell you
More unfavorable attention has been recently drawn to the ATF due to revelations about the annual "Good Ol' Boys Round-Up" organized by present and former .

Narco News: The Hydra
Apr 18, 2000 . Office of Inspector General's report on the “Good ol' Boy Roundup” . of racist misconduct by personnel of the BATF and other federal law .

Boot the BATFE!
Jan 13, 2011 . Agents of Incompetence: ATF Seizes Gun Shipment Labeled 'Toys' - But . " Good Ol' Boy Roundup" Graph of Total Attendance by Affiliation .

Senate Hears Testimony On Parties And Racism - New York Times
Jul 22, 1995. been racist signs and skits at the "Good Ol' Boys Roundup" over the . that they made him "wonder if the A.T.F. has outlived its usefulness." .

Burning of African American Churches in Tennessee and ...
Dr. Berry asked about the involvement of ATF agents in the “Good Old Boys Roundup.” Mr. Garner answered that investigations by the Justice Department and .

The Truth & Tyranny Behind The - Keep and Bear Arms - Gun ...
The BATF Good Old Boy Roundup Scandal Gene Rightmyer, former BATF agent, organized and led the Roundup from 1980 through 1995. This was the noted .

False Patriots | Southern Poverty Law Center
They left the annual "Good Ol' Boys Roundup" with a videotape showing what . After ex-cop Randall released the video to the media, several ATF and other law .

Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Inc. - THR
Aug 31, 2007 . APPARENTLY THE "N_____ HUNTING LICENSE" WAS ATF'S IDEA. . with the JPFO and not the ATF agents at the Good Ol' Boys Roundup.

Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996 II.The OIG Investigation ...
The OIG Investigation of the Good O' Boy Roundup . to have a video taken at a Roundup showing a "nigger check point" sign and stated that ATF agents had .

Forwarded message: Subj: Militia Meeting Program of Events Date ...
Welcome to the militia's second annual "Good Ol' Boys Roundup," hosted by the . ATF sponsored racist "Good Ol' Boys Roundup," which was held annually by .

Good Ol' Boys Roundup
Forwarded message: Subj: Good Ol' Boys Roundup Date: 96-05-19 21:16:00 . Victim of ATF and local government raid - Michael Kuriatnyk, Ohio militia and E.

Agents Discuss Alleged Racist Acts in Secret Service - ABC News
“The roundup was the good ole boy roundup,” Shaffer said, “and the good ole boys of the Secret Service still run this agency. They just do it covertly and secretly .

Bigots With Badges II
Six Deputy U.S. Marshals, as well as officers from the IRS, the ATF and the FBI attended the Ku Klux Klan's 1995 annual "Good Old Boys Roundup" at a .

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