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medin and atran and 2004

Scott Atran: Selected Scientific Articles
Medin, D. & Atran, S. The native mind: Biological categorization and reasoning in development and across cultures. Psychological Review 111:960-983, 2004.

The Native Mind:
independent variable (Medin & Atran, 2004), and (2) lack of concern with differential distributions . aptitudes like the folkbiology module (Medin & Atran, 2004).

Biological reasoning and inductive inference in urban and rural ...
(Anggoro et al., 2005; Ross et al., 2003, Medin & Atran, 2004; Waxman, Medin & Ross, in press). In this paper, we focus on urban vs rural children being raised .

By: Douglas L. Medin Department of Psychology, Northwestern ...
decision making (Atran, Medin, & Ross, 2004a). Biology as a Core Cognitive Domain. At the level of theory, we attempt to describe the scope and limits of folk .

Atran S[au] - PubMed Result
4: Ginges J, Atran S, Sachdeva S, Medin D. Psychology out of the laboratory: the challenge of violent extremism. . 2004 Dec;27(6):713-30; discussion 730-70.

Evolution and devolution of knowledge: a tale of two biologies ...
. tale of two biologies. Scott Atran1,; Douglas Medin1,; Norbert Ross2. Article first published online: 9 JUN 2004. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9655.2004.00195.x. Issue .

Norbert O. Ross - Department of Psychological Sciences | Vanderbilt ...
Atran,S.; Medin, D. & Ross, N. (2004.). Evolution and Devolution of Knowledge: A Tale of two biologies. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Society, Vol.

Social and experiential influences on the development of ...
Richards, Inagaki, Stavy, and Wax, 1993; Medin & Atran,. 2004; Ross, Medin, Coley, & Atran, 2003; Walker, 1999). This research reveals both universal patterns .

Previous research has revealed several ways in which thinking and ...
. European American adults (e.g., Medin et al., 2006; Bang, Medin, & Atran, 2007). . to biological information (Gelman, 2003; Keil, 1989; Medin & Atran, 2004).

The native mind: biological categorization and reasoning in ...
(2004) Medin, Atran. Psychological Review. Read by researchers in: 59% Psychology, 15% Social Sciences. This article describes cross-cultural and .

International Cognition and Culture Institute
Mar 26, 2010. and on psychological essentialism (Atran 1990; Gelman 2003, 2004; Gelman & Hirschfeld 1999; Medin & Atran 2004; Medin & Ortony 1989).

The Cultural Mind: Environmental Decision Making and Cultural ...
Atran , S. Medin , D. L. Ross , N. (2004). Evolution and devolution of knowledge: A tale of two biologies. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 10, .

www.teachgreenpsych.com : Development
In their edited volume on the topic, Douglas Medin and Scott Atran (1999) suggest that a deeper understanding of folkbiology . See also Medin & Atran ( 2004).

Memory for Category Information Is Idealized Through Contrast With ...
on cultural influences (Bang, Medin, & Atran, 2007; Medin &. Atran, 2004). Theories that are structured around distribu- tional or statistical measures of similarity .

Culture and the Home-Field Disadvantage (Will Bennis) - Academia ...
. typical (e.g., Medin & Atran, 2004, Henrich et al., in press), and there is evidence that even basic cognitive processes may differ across cultures (Nisbett, 2003).

Yucatec Maya Botany and the “Nature” of Science
(Atran and Medin 2008; Atran et al. 2004; Hofling and Tesucún 1997). Combining the Yucatec com- pilations with the Itzaj data, the total reaches over. 1000 folk .

Publications - Northwestern University
Sep 4, 2009 . Medin, D.L & Atran, S. (2004). The Native Mind: Biological Categorization, Reasoning and Decision Making in Development Across Cultures.

Culture and the Home-Field Disadvantage
. 2010; Medin & Atran, 2004), and there is evidence that even basic cognitive . them from seeing the world objectively, like we think we do (e.g., Ross, 2004).

Folk concept of innateness_machery
psychologists call 'psychological essentialism' (Medin and Atran, 2004). People are psychological essentialists when they believe that membership in a .

1 Culture and Cognition Daniel M.T. Fessler (Center for Behavior ...
1992; Atran, 1990, 1998; Medin & Atran, 2004; Medin et al. 2007). Plants and animals are organized into hierarchically organized taxonomies of kinds that .

Psychological Universals: A Cultural Psychology Perspective
into question (with some important recent exceptions, Medin & Atran, 2004; Rozin , 2001), underscoring how most psychologists implicitly assume that the .

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