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religious affiliation on military id tags

Atheist Dog Tags.. - Topic - Military.com Forums
Oct 26, 2008 . Religion In The Military Atheist Dog Tags.. Page 1 2. Moderators: 21yrsUSCGUSCS, OldArmyLove, pipedreamsandbabies, Silent_Surface, .

Dog tag - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Army regulations (606-5) soon included X and Y in addition . Ironically, although the ID tags include religion as a way of .

What is on a US military Dog Tag
Recent Questions About: military Dog Tag · Politics & Law > . US Army: Surname; First name, middle initial; Social Security Number; Blood type; Religion .

History of Military Identification Tags
The History of Military Identification Tags. . The First Identification Tags for Dogs . were hand-stamped with their name, rank, serial number, unit and religion.

Remove Military Requirement to Choose Religion | Atheists in ...
Jan 6, 2012 . Remove Military Requirement to Choose Religion . The first is to have the preference printed on ID Tags to inform last rites and burial in .

The military members have to select a religion - Democratic ...
When I was in the Army you made decision. I know a lot of guys who had "No Preference" under religion on their dog tags. You don't have to believe in any .

What should military dog tags say
Dogtag only included Unit ID and a Number. Italian. Brass Metal Dogtag: Name, Serial Number, Number of Military District, Religion, Parent's Name, Year of .

snopes.com: Dog Tag Notch
Aug 2, 2007 . While showing his old army dog tags to my daughter, my father asked if we . of service, blood type, and religion (if desired by the individual).

Customized Military ID Tags | Celestial Lands
Jul 7, 2010 . Because the issue military ID tags that I received at the U.S. Army . The Corps of Engineers had a blank space to enter Religion and I put down .

Atheist group: when it comes to religion in the military, don't ask ...
Jan 15, 2012 . Atheist group: when it comes to religion in the military, don't ask. . The religious preference is shown on "dog tags," the metal identification .

Saigon Sams Military IDs - Dog Tags
Army ID Tags. Marine ID Tags. Navy ID Tags. Last Name; First Name MI; Serial/ SS#; Blood Type; Religion. Last Name; Initials Blood type; Serial/SS#; Service .

Military Dogtags - Army, Navy, air Force military style dog tags for ...
Military Dogtags - Army, Navy, air Force military style dog tags for soliders and . Surname; First Name, Initial; Social Security Number; Blood Group; Religion (or .

Current Issue Dog Tags
Authentic Military Identification. Picture of Current . 2 Stamped, Stainless Steel Dog Tags 1 Stainless Steel 27" . CATHOLIC or C--Religion S (found on USMC .

I join the Army in which I'm told my religion dosen't exist ...
But because the Military does not see Asatru as a religion (in general) to wear dog tags that say Asatru would be not wearing the correct dog .

Atheist group seeks to ban “religious preference” from military ...
Jan 12, 2012 . Earlier today, someone said, "While engaging in military action in Islamic countries it might be advisable not to list religion on dog tags.

U.S. Military Dog Tag History. Custom Dog Tags Store
Quick Return Tags - Authentic military dog tag history. . blood type; date of tetanus inoculation; service; and religion, if desired by the service member: Catholic .

Religious symbolism in the United States military - Wikipedia, the ...
8 Military ID tags; 9 Emblems and seals: Chaplain Corps . This continues our Army's enduring commitment to the free exercise of religion for our Nation's sons .

FAQ - Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers
Can I have atheist on my official records, ID tags, and military headstone? . The insertion in the 1950s of religion into the motto and pledge represent a dark .

Dog Tags Direct: Frequently Asked Questions
Real military dog tags generally have the text . NUMBER; BLOOD TYPE; RELIGION .

Justin Griffith's Atheist / Flying Spaghetti Monster dog tags |
Jul 22, 2011 . Atheist / Flying Spaghetti Monster military dog tags. A little while ago, . They only allow one book, and it must be a holy book from your religion.

Why are there two dog tags on a military dog tag chain
. of the serviceman's name, serial number, branch of service and religion -- for . Identification tags found around the neck of a casualty, and only those tags .

Learn the History of Dog Tags at DogTagsInc.Com
The military dog tags we know had their origins during World War I. Before that, . Number, branch of service, blood type and initials for religious affiliation.

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