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Ergative–absolutive language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The core argument of an intransitive verb (S) and the object of a transitive verb (O ) are both . Gloss: man-ABS, has arrived, man-ERG, boy-ABS, saw . In C. Li. ( Ed.), Subject and topic (pp. 1–24). New York: Academic Press. . In W. P. Lehmann (Ed.), Syntactic typology: Studies in the phenomenology of language ( pp.

PHS 398 (Rev. 9/04), Biographical Sketch Format Page
YEAR(s). FIELD OF STUDY. Inst. of Medical Sciences, Havana, Cuba. M.D. . Sanabria, E.R.G; Scorza, F.A; Calderazzo, L.S; Cavalheiro, E.A. Disruption of the c-Fos . Meencke, H.J., Cavalheiro, E.A, Heinemann U and Lehmann, T.N. (2004 ).

Urine TMPRSS2:ERG fusion transcript stratifies prostate cancer risk ...
Feb 3, 2012 . Urine TMPRSS2:ERG was associated with indicators of clinically significant cancer at biopsy and . Groskopf J, Aubin SM, Deras IL, Blase A, Bodrug S, Clark C, Brentano S, Mathis J, Pham J, . Lehmann EL, D'Abrera HJM.

An ERG Channel Inhibitor from the Scorpion Buthus eupeus
Inherited long QT type 2 results from mutaions in the human ERG, originally . The denaturation step was at 94 °C for 30 s, the annealing step was at 57 °C for 1 . Buck M. E.,; Lehmann M. H.,; Timothy K. W.,; Keating M. T.,; Goldstein S. A. N. .

ScienceDirect.com - Clinical Neurophysiology - Pattern ERG and ...
Your selection(s) could not be saved due to an internal error. . Slovenia; c Institute of Clinical Neurophysiology, University Medical Centre, Zaloška c. . D. Lehmann, E. Callaway (Eds.), Human evoked potentials: applications and problems, .

ERG - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology
potassium (ERG) channels in the heart of thermally acclimated rainbow trout. M. Hassinen, J. . cycles at 94°C for 10 s, 57°C for 20 s, and 72°C for 30 s. In every run, . Abbott GW, Sesti F, Splawski I, Buck ME, Lehmann MH, Timothy .

Characterization of depolarization-evoked ERG K+ currents in ...
ether-a-go-go related gene (ERG) channel as shown by . recordings were conducted at a temperature of 23 °C. Solutions . subunit(s) expressed in ICC should be the focus of . 27 Abbott GW, Sesti F, Splawski I, Buck ME, Lehmann MH, .

Expression and Functional Phenotype of Mouse ERG K+ Channels ...
Sep 21, 2005 . The channel belongs to the ether-a-go-go-related gene (erg) family of K+ . Abbott GW, Sesti F, Splawski I, Buck ME, Lehmann MH, Timothy KW, . Safieddine S, Schweizer M, El-Amraoui A, Petit C, Jentsch TJ (2000) .

Eye - Electrophysiological assessment of optic nerve disease
The ERG is the mass response of the retina, usually to a diffuse short-duration . In the 1970 s, prior to the development of computerised tomographic . In: Barber C (ed). . Lehmann D, Skrandies W. Visually evoked scalp potential fields in .

Loss of functional K channels encoded by ether- `a-go-go-related ...
I. A. Greenwood1, S. Y. Yeung1, R. M. Tribe2 and S. Ohya3. 1Division of . In isometric tension studies of non-pregnant myometrium, the ERG channel . C for 15 s and the annealing . Abbott GW, Sesti F, Splawski I, Buck ME, Lehmann MH, .

Early Romantic Guitar: Gallery of Dated Instruments
1791 Pages 6 Double Course · 1791 Fabricatore · Gioacchino Trotto fecit Anno 1792 accofto le grade di S. Demetrio, 1792 Martinez, GIUSEPPI FILANO 1794 .

Wide Field X-ray Telescope
Wide: 20000 deg2 (2 ksec) to 3 10-15 erg/cm2/s, 500 . ROSAT Lockman Hole survey (25” vs 5” resolution) (Lehmann et al. 2001) . C-COSMOS field (1 deg2) .

PFRIEM, A.; SCHULZ, S.; PYLATIUK, C.; ALSHUT, R. & BRETTHAUER, . G. ; ...; PERNER, S.: ERG Rearrangement in Small Cell Prostatic and Lung Cancer. . MARTIN, J.; BECK, S.; LEHMANN, A.; MIKUT, R.; PYLATIUK, C.; SCHULZ, S.; .

HERG K currents in human prolactin-secreting adenoma cells
heteromultimeric erg channels in pituitary tissue possible,. C.K. Bauer (?) · I. Wulfsen · R. Schäfer · G. Glassmeier ·. S. Wimmers · J.R. Schwarz. Institut für .

1041 erg s–1 in their flaring states (e.g., Moon & Eikenberry 2001; Moon et al. 2003a . 2004; Lehmann et al. . of the three ULXs—Ho IX X-1 (a), M81 X-6 (b), and Ho II X-1 (c)—in the wavelength range of He ii (?4686) and H? (?4861) lines.

M. Asai-Coakwell1A, X. Dai1A, C. French1B, M. Ye1A, S. Kuny1C, E. DeBaere2, P. Francis3, . Helen Chung, Chris Hanson, Ordan J Lehmann . Wavelet analysis shows age-related changes of full field ERG oscillatory potentials in humans.

Asymmetry of Focal ERG in Human Macular Region
These findings aided analysis of the ERG of a patient with a retinal defect. Invest Ophthalmol . stimulus spot in normal eyes. We compared the focal ERGs. V. T. 0.03. Temporal c. sec. 0. T.C. . Lehmann D and Skrandies W: Multichannel evoked potential . Korol S, Leuenberger PM, Englert V, and Babel J: In vivo effects of .

From Genes to Regenerative Medicine: Approaches in Development ...
It was shown, through loss-of-function analysis, that erg and fli1 are required for . Lehmann R, Arenzana-Seisdesdos F, Aicher A, Heeschen C, Fichtlscherer S, .

Commercial Cases. 621. S CI 2011 06286. List C. Entry Date: 23/11/2011. Plaintiff: ) Bendigo And . Defendant: Deputy Commissioner of Taxation & ors. S CI 2012 01537. List C. Entry Date: . ERG Transit Systems Limited & ors. Defendant: .

Determinants of 2000 m rowing ergometer performance in elite rowers
The event lasts from about 320 to 460 s, de- pending upon the . Performance over 2000 m on a rowing ergometer is . model C air braked rowing ergometer ( Nottingham, UK). . Steinacker JM, Lormes W, Lehmann M, Altenburg D (1998) .

ZMNH - Departments
Schapitz IU, Behrend B, Pechmann Y, Lappe-Siefke C, Kneussel SJ, . Liew CW, Vockel M, Glassmeier G, Brandner JM, Fernandez-Ballester GJ, Schwarz JR, Schulz S, . Erg K+ currents modulate excitability in mouse mitral/tufted neurons. . Schubert R, Krien U, Wulfsen I, Schiemann D, Lehmann G, Ulfig N, Veh RW, .

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Trade And Job Reallocation: Evidence For Morocco
Michael Gasiorek. Registered author(s): . Handle: RePEc:erg:wpaper:492. Contact details of . Greenaway, David & Hine, Robert C. & Wright, Peter, 1999. " An empirical . Atanas Christev & Olga Kupets & Hartmut Lehmann, 2008. "Trade .