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sisters saving sisters best evidence intervention

Sisters Saving Sisters | Best-Evidence Interventions | Prevention ...
Nov 8, 2007 . Intervention Description Intervention Package Information Evaluation Study and Results References and Contact Information .

Subset Best Evidence Interventions | Prevention Research ...
Aug 10, 2011 . Compendium of Evidence-Based HIV Behavioral Interventions . SiHLE Best; Sister-to-Sister: Group Skills-building Best; Sisters Saving Sisters .

Sisters Saving Sisters - Choice HIV
Sisters Saving Sisters is a 3-session group-level HIV/STD risk reduction intervention . The intervention is a CDC-designated "Best Evidence" intervention .

Interventions - Choice HIV
The intervention is a CDC-designated "Best Evidence" intervention. . Sisters Saving Sisters is a 3-session group-level HIV/STD risk reduction intervention .

HIV Behavioral Interventions for Hispanics/Latinos in the US:
Controlled trial of intervention efficacy conducted in the U.S. . Tier I – 7 “Best- evidence” interventions for Latinos . Sisters Saving Sisters – Adolescent females .

Select Media, Inc. | Sisters Saving Sisters
Evidence-Based Curricula · Developer Certified Intervention Training · Browse by Subject · Browse by Age Group . Our Top Sellers: . Sisters Saving Sisters is a five module curriculum designed to empower young, teenage women to change .

Evidence-Based Programs
This intervention is based on the Becoming a Responsible Teen (BART) intervention, which is identified as a best-evidence intervention. BART was originally .

. interventions exist that have been approved by the CDC as best evidence or . RAPP, SiHLE, SISTA, Sisters Saving Sisters, Sister to Sister, WHP, WiLLOW, .

. B., Cole, M., Galbraith, J., et al. (2004). Sisters Saving Sisters . Interventions go to: http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/research/prs/best-evidence-intervention.htm .

effective, evidence based interventions to reach an extremely diverse population at risk for HIV. It is therefore a . Best Practices Subcommittee of the PPC has outlined basic job competencies (see Attachment A: . Sisters Saving Sisters. X .

Sexual and Reproductive Health for Youth: A Review
analysis and systematization of rigorous evidence. it was a team project . information). finally, although interventions that extend over time have shown the best long-term . two programs (Sisters Saving Sisters and What Could You Do? ) .

Revised Attachment 3: Comprehensive, Age Appropriate, Evidence ...
Selection Worksheet for Evidence-Based Programs – August 2010. Note that some . Evaluation findings: No significant intervention effects for girls. . Abstinence is the best way to prevent HIV infection, but other . Information: http: //www.selectmedia.org/customer-service/evidence-based-curricula/sister-saving- sister/ .

Lifecourse Interventions that Work: A Matrix of Evidence-based ...
Lifecourse Interventions that Work: A Matrix of Evidence-based Programs Compiled . Sisters Saving Sisters . Western CAPT Best and Promising Programs .

Benefits and Costs of Prevention and Early Intervention
credible scientific evidence that for each dollar a legislature . best estimates of the benefits and costs of each program.5 . actions can save state government money, how can some of . Big Brothers/Big Sisters (taxpayer cost only). $4058 .

All About Interventions | Dr. Louise Stanger, Licensed Clinical Social ...
. most difficult times our family has ever experienced—literally saving my sister's life. . professional with expertise in a variety of evidence-based modalities. Her mission is simple and direct: To provide the best possible intervention for you .

Identifying Programs That Impact Teen Pregnancy, Sexually ...
ASSESSMENT OF EFFECTIVENESS OF INTERVENTIONS . . conduct an independent systematic review of the evidence base on programs to . with an external comparison group are eligible for at best a moderate . Sisters Saving Sisters .

Select Media, Inc. | Evidence-Based Curricula
Evidence-Based Curricula · Developer Certified Intervention Training · Browse by Subject · Browse by Age Group . Our Top Sellers: . Sisters Saving Sisters .

Evidence-Based Programs
Check out Evidence-Based Programs if you're looking for a curriculum that has . Horizons: STI/HIV Sexual Risk Reduction Intervention for African American Girls . and Adolescent Risk Prevention) · Sisters Saving Sisters · Sisters, Informing, .

The SAVED SISTA. Project, a program of Recovery Consultants of Atlanta. Inc.. is a faith-based adaptation of the evidence based intervention "Sisters Informing .

Friday Afternoon Sessions 1:30 pm - 3 pm - Blueprints Conference
Making Sense of "Best Practice" Lists: A Comparison of the Blueprints List and . list of model and promising programs, the Best Evidence Encyclopedia, the Center for . These positive outcomes translate to considerable cost savings as well. . Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Big Brothers Big Sisters Program .

Mediation analysis of an effective sexual risk-reduction intervention ...
alerts user that their session is about to expire - display, print, save, export, and email . Objective: Sister-to-Sister: The Black Women's Health Project is a skill- building . Best-evidence interventions: Findings from a systematic review of HIV .

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Clinical Evidence - Nuts, bolts, and tiny little screws: how Clinical ...
Save. Cancel . A third consideration is that interventions may have been tested, or found to be effective, in only . better-quality systematic reviews and make best use of our authors' and reviewers' time. . In the Benefits section of our reviews, we usually present evidence only from systematic reviews (SRs) of randomised .

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